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BMC 2016 Events
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Jan 31: Fireside Theater "Legends in Concert"

Feb 9: "Fat Tuesday" dinner

Mar ?: Harley Museum

Apr 16: Mud Run / Don Miller Mazda

Apr 30: Channel 10 Auction

May 14: Lake to Lake

May 21: Tech Day

May 21: Johnson Creek

Jun 11: Wiggles, Squiggles, & Giggles

Jun 18: Holiday Motors Drive

Jun 25: Road America — Verizon IndyCar Series / Pirelli World Challenge

Jul 9: Club Picnic

Jul 15-17: 2016 Car Show / Autocross @ State Fair Park

Jul 16: Waupaca Ride

July ?: Madison to Potosi

Aug 6: Road America (Milw to Elkhart Lake)

Aug 26-27: Door County Drive

Sept 12-20: Nashville

Sept ?: Hi-Performance Driving Experience — Shawano

Oct 1: Come Fly With Me

Oct 15: Dave's Chili Run

Nov 5: Annual Planning Meeting

Other Events*

Dec 12: Christmas Lights Tour

Jan 30: TSD Rally SCCA Delafield/Germantown

May 7: TSD Rally SCCA Badger Burrow

Aug 7: Gimmick Rally SCCA

Oct 23: Kettle Moraine Fall Color Tour Rally

Nov 5: TSD Rally "The Black" (Black River Falls)

Rallying: Want to try your hand at Autocross, Rallying, Time Trials, or other High-Performance Driving? Click here.

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Intro from the President

Dear Road Benders,

For those that don't know me I'd like to introduce myself. - My name is Jose Jimenez.

No wait, that's not right, my name is really Tom Cinealis, (and I'm way too young to remember that joke). Actually, I'm returning as your president for the 2016 season. I was a past president of the BMC, but for some reason you dear people were foolish enough to let me get back in the middle of things.
And as you'll learn I'm a bit of a jokester.

My wife and I have been members since about 2000, and currently own 3 Miatas between the 2 of us. A 94' Lagunas blue that I've been hiding in my garage for the last couple of years, my wife's personal black 2001, and a 2008 marble white. (The best color ever made because if you don't wash it for a couple weeks, it generally doesn't show the dirt, unless of course you go off-roading.)
And we are avid Miata people!

I like to do spirited drives on the back roads of America -- you know the ones, they have names like Coon Valley Road and Harpers Ridge Road. They're small, sharp-cornered and loaded with the curves our little cars love to hug. And the only thing better than a road with a switch back, is being able to turn around and do it in both directions, but that's enough about me.

First thing - I would like to thank the outgoing staff of our club for their hard work and dedication to the Badgerland Miata Club. As well as all those members that put on, or participated in an event this year. We all know what kind of hard work and dedication it takes to put on any event, for any group.

Thank You all!

I'd also like to welcome, (and thank in advance), our new and returning officers, including those folks that signed up to do an event. I'm certain they will make the upcoming year special as well.

This brings me to my last reason for writing this introduction. Every year our club members put on a number of events, but many of us never feel we've created enough of them for a club of our size, which stretches across our great driving state. Don't get me wrong, we have some great rides and get-togethers coming up. Some include our cars and some don't. What I'm going to be asking of our membership this year is more impromptu events. Flash events if you like. If you have an idea for a ride you want to try out invite a couple of members to follow you, don't worry if the ride isn't perfect. As Dave Bonfield used to say; "It isn't a complete ride until you do a U-turn".

If you're planning to go out to dinner with a club member, invite another BMC couple that might live close. You don't need a big party, just a slightly bigger one to better get to know your fellow road benders.

I'd like our theme for the 2016 year to be THINK SOCIAL -- DRIVE LOCAL. We all joined to have some fun, so let's get the party started.

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me, or any of your staff, to see if we can help you with your Miata question.

Thanks, Tom C. Prez

The Planning Session had much discussion.

November Web Site Contributors
Photos: Mary Hodne, Craig Hodne, Barb & Ed Treick
Articles: Tom Cinealis

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* Barb & Ed T share their Nov 11 ride to Canyon Lake.

* A letter from Mike & MJ

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Officers for 2016:

Tom Cinealis
VPSE: Tim Deadrick
VPSW: Sharon Stark & Peter Livingston
VPNE: Toni Thomas
VPNW: Don Gervais
Secretary: Laura Netzinger
Treasurer: Jim Hotz
Newsletter Editor: Audra Woerner
Webmaster: Craig Hodne

Messages from the Treasurer:

Keeping the members list up-to-date is part of the treasurer's job. If any of your information changes, such as your email address, phone number, etc., please notify me at: or 262-392-3727
Thank you for your help. Jim

Messages from the Webmaster:

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