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BMC 2014 Events
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Social Events

Jan 24-25: Kickoff / Winter Get-Away post-event.

Apr 12: Tech Day with Randy

Apr 26: Great TV Auction Milwaukee Public Television fund-raiser.

May 17: Tech Day with Dave

Jul 06: Badgerland Miata Club / Moss Miata Picnic

Nov 01: BMC Planning Meeting

Driving Events

May 03: Don Miller Mazda Mud Run 6

May 31: Tri-County Drive

Jul 19: South Kettle Drive

Aug 1-3: Buffalo Stampede II

Aug 21-24: Door County Photo Challenge

Sep 5-7: Great River Road Drive

Sep 20: W & W Tour

Oct 04: Fall Colors Ride

Other Events*

Apr 26: SCCA Escape to Wisconsin Rally

May 03: SCCA Badger Burrow Touring Rally

May 04: Lapping & High Performance Driver Education at USA International Raceway

Jun 14: Holiday Mazda Drive

Aug 9-10: Road America

Jul 17-20: Explore Oregon 2014, billed as the "The Premier Summer Miata Tour Event"

Jul 2-6: Miatas in Utah (Bryce Canyon)

Sept 6-7: 25 Years of Miata: Miata at Mazda Raceway Invitation

Sept 11-14: Miatas Play Music City

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Truthfully, when none of the 108 cars had any ideas for March - either an event they wanted to share or a special dining spot - I thought..."It's going to be a long year!"  I am chalking that up to either "Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder" or being hesitant to travel in this brutal winter.  My confidence in our Badgerland friendship and creativity has been tremendously restored, however!

THANK YOU to all who offered to take over or assist with the Don Miller Mazda Mud Run 6.  Your willingness to jump in to help Badgerland was truly appreciated.  With ideas from Gerners, BMC members Hank & Laura, Terry Reick, and Terry Lucas have divided up the full day, so we will have an exciting start to our driving season. Wouldn't it be great to have more events like this where many people coordinate and work out the details?  

Also, Lynn Bonfield reported that Dave received many cards....Way to go Badgerland Family!

I am looking forward to dying eggs, frosting lamb cakes and playing gramma -bunny with our 5,4,3,2 year old and 8 month grandkids.  We will also take advantage of the April winds to fly some kites.  It will be good practice for our July Picnic.  Other things to look forward to in April:  Tech Day With Randy and The Great TV Auction.  And the Mud Run is May 3rd.  Good things coming soon.  Just sign up and enjoy!


David Bonfield

David William Bonfield — VP-SW

January 13, 1948 - March 30, 2014
OK to Zoom, Dave. See you 'round the next curve.

Kick-off / Winter Get-Away 2014
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This land is your land.  This land is my land.
From California, to the New York Islands,
From the red-wood forest, to the Gulf Stream waters.
This land was made for you and me.

This car is your car.  This car is my car.
We love the sunshine and hate those raindrops.
We drive our small car.  No where is too far.
This car was made for you and me.

Just dodge that road kill and miss our pot holes.
You'll love our kettles and glacier ridges.
Please shop at Woodmans and eat at Culvers.
This land was made for you and me.

This car is your car.  This car is my car.
We put our tops down and get on out-of-town.
She can't take all her shoes.  Your wife will have to choose.
This car is made for hugging curves.

We look for S curves and never lose nerve.
You'll never see a frown when all our tops are down.
We'll take a joyride with good friends by our side.
This car was made for you and me.

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