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BMC 2015 Events
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Jan 18: Fireside Theater: The Sensational 70's Show post-event

Feb 14: Chicago Auto Show post-event

Feb 27-28: Heidel House Get-Away

Apr 18: Don Miller Mazda Mud Run VII

Apr 25: Great TV Auction Milwaukee Public Television

May 02: Badger Burrow Rally

May 15-17: SVRA at Road America

May 23: Wiggles, Squiggles, & Giggles

Jun 07: Roads Scholar Rally

Jun 13: Picnic at the June Sprints®

Jun 20: Holiday Mazda Drive

Jul 11: P'ing Across Wisconsin

Jul 31 - Aug 2: BMC 25th Anniversary Celebration

Aug 7-9: TUDOR-United Sports Car at Road America

Aug 28-30: Bayfield Regatta

Sep 12: Wine-ding Tour III

Sep 26: Beckman Mill Drive

Sep 27: Hi-Performance Driver Education

Oct 10: Chili Run

Oct 18: CHUMPionship Race at Road America

Oct 24: Fall Colors Tour

Nov 07: BMC Planning Meeting

Nov 08: The Blacke - a night rally

Other Events*

Jun 5-7: St. Charles, IL WCMC 25th Anniversary Celebration

Jul 16-19: Grants Pass, OR Explore Oregon 2015

Aug 7-9: Ottawa, CA - Canada's Capitol Miata Meet

Oct 2-4: SAMOA (Sacramento) Silver Jubilee

Oct 8-11: SanDiego Surf'N'Safari 2015 Update

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Alas! I know you have been waiting for my "Try Something New" photo of Ginger, Lynn and me screaming while parasailing. The weather did not cooperate....but we went on an airboat ride thru the mangrove tunnels and ate elk meat. I'll still work on that "Try Something New", News Year's Resolution....I hope you do also.

I know many of you are ooooozing with Vitamin D treatments while others of us are starting to suffer from Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder again this year. It's still pretty cool that several members have gotten together for lunch in FL and AZ. Those cute little cars can forge great friendships.

It's March! A quiet month for Badgerland...not! While there is nothing official on the calendar there are several things "in the works." Plans are moving ahead for the 25th Anniversary; registration, car games, food and drive plans, pins, shirts, caps, goodie bags, etc. etc. There may be a little calendar tweaking. Other items with the Badgerland logo may appear. We have two new cars on the membership list. And of course our faithful Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Secretary and Treasurer continue behind the scenes, as well as the VP's who have to vote on whatever I throw their way.

During this "quiet time", start shining up your Miata baby. Change the tire air from winter to summer! (remember how funny that used to be and how we always tried to get some unsuspecting soul to fall for it? ...I probably did years ago, but now I am a professional!)

Think Spring! Toast British Racing Green Miatas on March 17th!


Prez Toni recognizes new members at Don Miller Mazda Mud Run VI
Register early for the April 18 Mud Run VII.

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Articles: Jim Knowlen, MaryLynn Cinealis

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Officers for 2015:

Toni Thomas
VPSE: Jim Hotz
VPSW: Sharon Stark & Peter Livingston
VPNE: Jim Nowlen
VPNW: Don Gervais
Secretary: Laura Netzinger
Treasurer: Lin Carlson
Newsletter Editor: Ginger Carney
Webmaster: Craig Hodne

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Keeping the members list up-to-date is part of the treasurer's job. If any of your information changes, such as your email address, phone number, etc., please notify me at: or 262-544-0635
Thank you for your help. Lin

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2016 MX-5 Unveiling video

Miatas at Mazda Raceway Article


NY Times 25-year Miata tribute

Official Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Website

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