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Saturday, August 10, 2013

ROAD AMERICA (non-BMC event)

Hosts: Don Mc and Don G

Update #1 (Dec 10, 2012)

Randy Slagle (see Tech Days on May 11th) has invited us to join the RX-Club at the Mazda Party/Car Show during the Grand AM race at Road America on August 10. The RX-Club has been having this party and car show now for a number of years. This year will be a very interesting year for that race as it will be the very first combined ALMS and Grand Am race ever. So for Mazda North America and Mazda Motor Sports, it will be a very big part of the weekend; they would love to see a lot of Miata's in the parking lot.

Preliminary information from Mike and MJ (RX-vets) indicates that there will be a dedicated corral site (usually near the pits area at RA - enter gate 4 and head toward the Sargento bridge area) for parking, which is included in the ticket prices. There will be reduced ticket prices, door prizes galore, pit stuff galore, sometimes they can arrange for a big star to come to the corral for autographs (one year they smuggled Patrick Dempsey to the corral for an hour - it was a pretty big deal), there'll be a tent and they'll do lunch one day of the weekend ... but nothing will get written in stone until very late.

Therefore, BMC members, keep looking at this page on the website for the latest information when it comes out. There will be no formal caravan to Road America by the club; rather we will meet in the parking lot at a set time. More information to follow in Update #2.

Registration: If you are interested in attending this gala event, please contact Don Mc at: and let him know how many are coming.


Update #2 (March 21, 2013)
A message from Marlon Sumlin to the RX-Club president:

Marlon Sumlin who runs many of the Mazda Car Corrals at these events informed the RX-Club that he will be working with CJ Wilson Racing and CJ Wilson Mazda as the co-host of this year's event as they will be raising funds for his children's charities. Marlon will be working with the track to see if he can get parade laps, as NASCAR will not be there. Marlon does not have pricing yet but he knows that our partners at Grand-Am Marketing will be working on that for us. Marlon has copied all of the players involved in our corral operations.

Marlon knows that CJ Wilson Mazda is planning on hosting an "Open House", the week prior to the event; he will have more details as they become available. Once Marlon receives the information on pricing and other details he will email or call the RX-Club, and they will inform the BMC. Marlon knows that a few Mazda owners from OH and PA will attend this event. Marlon will ask for a space big enough for 50-75 cars at this point. If we need more, please keep Marlon informed as your list grows. Marlon is planning on hospitality and a raffle to raise money for the CJWCC as well.

Update #3 (April 19, 2013)

Check this flyer for ticket information.

So stay tuned BMC members for more information; keep watching the BMC website, or contact Don McCann at

Register with Don to attend this event.

Update 4 (May 14, 2013)

Ride to Road America on August 10, 2013 by Don Gervais

I have a favorite route I take to Road America that involves a good number of twisty roads. It sort of sets the mood for a day at the racetrack.

We will meet at the Brisco County Restaurant in Menomonee Falls and leave at 8:00AM, and get to the track around 9:30AM depending on traffic and if someone wants to stop. This is an informal drive so just show up if you want to join us. Just in case you are running behind on your way to join us you can call me at (920-948-2919) I will wait for you.

Brisco County restaurant is located on the Southeast corner of Hwy. 41,and county Q in Menomonee Falls. There are restaurants and gas stations located on the West side of the freeway on Q. See you there.

Attendance List: (posted July 31, 2013)
  1. Don & Linda M
  2. Don G
  3. Jim & Peg W
  4. Randy & Pam C
  5. Yan & Maryann N
  6. Tim D & Friend
  7. John L & Friend
  8. Duke M
  9. Bob & Nancy R
  10. Paul W
  11. Carl & Diane C
  12. Audra W
  13. Gary K
  14. Brian C
  15. Russ & Sally R
  16. Dennis & Jane S
  17. Jim L & Friend
  18. Terry L
  19. Gerry B
  20. Dave B

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