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September 14, 2013

Baraboo Hills and Amish Country Drive

Hosts: Bruce & Julie

Update #1 (May 23, 2013)
Baraboo Hills and Amish Country Drive

We will begin the day meeting at Petro Portage. It is located at mile marker 108 just 38 miles north of Madison on Hwys 90/94. Gathering time is 9:00 a.m. and we will leave the lot near 9:30a.m. The next 70 miles or so will be spent traveling through the Baraboo Hills with a ride in our cars across Lake Wisconsin on the Merrimac Ferry. The ferry is named the Colsac III and is a free 7 to 8 min. ride. The ferry is on the National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin.

Our stop is in Portage for a light lunch on your own. There are several quick places only about 2 blocks from our drop off point. Subway, Taco Bell, KFC, McDonalds, and Culvers to name a few. We will want to keep this meal light and save room for hopefully a buffet supper. In about 1 hour we will gather for our next leg of the day.

This part of the day will be spent in Amish country. We will travel only about 1/2 hour to our destination and then turn you loose in small to medium (form your own) groups for about 2-1/2 hours. You can take your time exploring the bakery, grocery store, woodshops, greenhouse, and vegetable stands. I will have maps provided, but the whole area is only about a 2 sq. mile area.

Plans for supper are a little sketchy at the time. I have made contact with the Kingston House in Kingston WI. for drinks near 4:00 and supper at around 4:30. They have a great prime rib buffet. At this time they are getting new owners and I have to wait a few more weeks to finalize our reservation. If we get to eat there it would be about $20 per person for the prime rib buffet. There is other food on the buffet for those who do not like prime rib. I will follow up with firm info on our supper destination when I get it. Hopefully soon.

I am limiting the attendance to 25 cars. Please sign up early if you can. Reservations are left on a first come basis. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Please call me at 608-697-6331 or e-mail me at to reserve or if you have a question about this ride.

Bruce & Julie Gerner

Update #2 (July 12, 2013)

Plans for supper have been firmed up at the Kingston House. The only changes are the new owners have pulled the Prime Rib off the buffet and now have Carved Angus Roast Beef. (It looked really good). Also the price has dropped to $18.00 per person. We will have our own separate room and bartender, so you can be somewhat rowdy and not in a rush to leave.

My summer plans have changed, not leaving country, so you may sign up for this event until Sept 7th. The 25-car limit is still in place.

Bruce Gerner

Registration: If interested or want more info please call me (Bruce Gerner) at 608-697-6331 or e-mail

Attendance List (posted September 03, 2013)

  1. Bruce & Julie G
  2. Charles & Cheryl D
  3. Don & Linda Mc
  4. Jim & Joanne T
  5. Dave & Lynn B
  6. Mike R & Donna O
  7. Dennis & Jane S
  8. Ron & Paula B
  9. Tom & Mary Lynn C
  10. Ron & Cheri S
  11. Jim & Marcy H
  12. Steve S & MJ J
  13. Chris F
  14. Duane K
  15. Jim & Toni T
  16. Brian & Ginger C
  17. Jim & Jean S
  18. Al S
  19. Peter L & Sharon S
  20. Terry & Betty L
  21. Tom & Nancy B
  22. Henry & Laura N
  23. Craig & Mary H
  24. Pete & Jan R
  25. David & Erica W

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