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February 21 : Fat Tuesday Event

April 22 : Mud Run - Post Event

May 6 : Mazomanie's Midwest Microcar Museum - post event

May 20 : Road America Vintage Race - Post Event

June 24 : Holiday Motors Drive

July 18 : Road America Performance Driving Road America has canceled this event.

July 22-23 : Mississippi River Run - Post event articles -Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3

August 5 : IMSA Road America

August 19 : Ride with GPS instructional Meeting - post event article

August 24-26 : Door County by Land, Sea & Sky - post event article

September 23 : South Kettle Moraine Ride - Post Event

October 14 : Color Tour

November 4 : Annual Meeting at Holiday Motors - Fond du Lac

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Touring Italy in Miatas

September 2 : Miata Homecoming Midwest Gathering

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South Kettle Moriane Drive
by Marcy Hotz

We couldn't have had a better day for this ride - the weather was pleasantly warm, the sky was brilliantly blue, and a few trees were showing signs of autumn color. There are some mighty fine Miata roads in the southern Kettle Moraine area, and Jim L and Bill B found plenty of them. 16 cars joined the colorful line as we traversed the area.

We were barely out of our starting point - the Kwik Trip just off I-94 and Hwy T - when a deer jumped over Brian H's dolphin grey Miata, knocking off his FM radio antenna which sat atop his windshield. I did not see it myself since we were still in the gas station's lot, but I heard about it from Brian himself, and several other Miatans who were talking about the event later in the day. Pretty sure our leader, Jim L, also said a ground hog crossed in front of his car almost immediately after the jumping-deer incident. I guess we could have called this one "The Critter Crawl" (for those who remember them)!

As we curved through residential and rural areas in Wales and Genesee, I couldn't help but mention that we passed only a stone's throw from our house. Some folks asked if we could stop in for a beverage; we were willing, but time was short. We drove through the Kettle Moraine State Forest and discovered amazing Miata roads going through Ottawa, North Prairie and La Grange, places you probably never heard of.

Our first pit stop was at a BP station in Palmyra where we found ice cream bars, so it was technically the requisite ice cream stop. There was also a Subway for those of us who had forgotten to eat lunch before we left (this was an afternoon-only drive). I always enjoy chatting with the ladies as we wait in line to use the facilities.

From Palmyra we wound our way past the Nite Cap Inn (famous for its Friday night fish fry) and then through Eagle, before arriving at our 2nd pit stop at Field Park in Mukwonago. This park is home to Maxwell Street Days flea market, a farmers market through the summer months, and many other community events. It had plenty of parking for our cars, and the plumbing flushed.

Leaving the park, we drove past the public boat landing of beautiful Lake Beulah and retraced some wonderful roads that took us north through downtown Delafield and to Water Street Brewery where we had dinner in their private room.

Kudos to Jim Loeffler & Karen Hart and Bill & Jan Bright for pulling together a wonderful ride through magnificent country on fabulous Miata roads without a single U-turn. Thanks to Hank & Laura N who served as Sweep.

BMC Board Meeting

There will be a Badgerland Miata Club board meeting on Tuesday October 17 at 7:00pm. The meting will be conducted using Zoom. Any one interested can listen in and comment but will have no voting rights. Information on how to log into the meeting will be sent out closer to the date.

October 14 Color Tour

The 2023 Color Tour has been finalized. Go to Calander of Events or click here for all the current information.

The Story about Wisconsins Famous Curvy Road

Several questions were asked about the origan of the curvy road during our Door County Ride. Ginger Carney found this and wanted to share it with the club. The article was writtrn by Drew Dawsin who works foe the Milwaukee Journal.

When was the curvy road in Door County built?
According to the Door County Pulse, the road between Gills Rock and Northport was built sometime in the mid 1930s.

Why is the road curvy in Door County?
That is somewhat uncertain, but there appear to be parts to the story. The first, according to the Door County Pulse, is that the telephone lines once lined down the center of the road. So vehicles could drive the section, the road was built winding between them until the lines were removed 1986. The curvy highway was proposed because there was no public road beyond Gills Rock in 1934 and there was a desire to connect the northern ends of Door County by road.

The other part of the story, which is disputed, is that famous landscape artist Jens Jensen, who is a member of the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame, was tasked with helping create the road between Gills Rock and Northport. In keeping with Jensen's conservationist ideals, he, along with the Door County board members, purposely designed the road with many tight curves and with minimal cutting of trees, particularly sparing the larger trees.

However, this part might not be true. "There is no evidence that Jens Jensen was directly involved with the design of the winding road. He was aware of the project and publicly approved of it," Steven Rice, Museum and Archives Manager at the Door County Historical Museum, told Atlas Obscura. Rice added that a local farmer and road supervisor, George Schultz, was head of the highway project.

Have there been attempts to straighten the curvy road?
Yes. According to Atlas Obscura, there were attempts by planners to straighten the road in the 1970s. It was publicly opposed and the road remained curvy.

Does the Door County curvy road have any designations?

The curvy road is part of the the Door County Coastal Byway, which is one of three National Scenic Byways in Wisconsin. The other two are the Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway near the Apostle Islands and Wisconsin's Great River Road.

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